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Velma Giggle Wink
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Truth or Why
So this is going to be the commercial for my new website and youtube video series that I will be creating to expose edited and manipulated photos in the national and local media. Hopefully this will give us all somewhere we can all go to speak truths, expose lies and educate ourselves on the evidence that backs it us.

IF YOU SPOT WHAT YOU THINK IS A MANIPULATED PHOTO IN THE MEDIA and you would like to send it to us, we will study it, figure out whether it is real or not, write it up and get it up on the site as soon as possible. That is once I get the site up.

This site will only c laim to know for sure about the art and whether it is manipulated or not and why. This would be the only area that we have experience in and will not claim any further knowledge then we have. All else will be covered under speculation.

Go straight to all the good stuff!
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I never know what to put on these things...

I'm 29
A single mom
Independent... Sometimes a little to much
A bit OCD and an insomniac
I run my own graphics business and my own Zombie Apocalypse Empire :)
My fav time of the day is usually getting my 2 year old son up or laying him down
I'm pretty goofy at times
A bit of a tom boy with lipstick
A treasure trove of absolutely useless knowledge
To smart for my own good
As for the rest... IDK... Ups and downs I guess
and time will fill in the rest?


I need a cigarette or a concussion. I'm not sure which but definitely one of the two...
One sparkling night she took her son out on the lake to catch a glimpse of one of the beauties in this world. They climbed into their boat. It's small, a bit weathered and has been patched up several times, but dispute its history she had learned to trust it again. As they head out for the center of the lake she watches her little boy in wonder of how this all must look to him. The shimmer of this site melts away all else. Almost to the point that it distracts her from rowing. They finally arrive at those calming waters in the eye of their little get away. She calls him over, just then noticing that all the rowing and moment has caused their little boat to become some what unstable. Almost to the point of concern. She decided it would be best to go get him instead. The rocking finally subsides once they laid down on the damp wooden planks that made up the belly of their boat.

Her little boy pointing up in amazement said, "The stars! Look the stars mommy! The moon and the stars. "

With a wondrous curiosity she thought to herself, "What must they look like to him? What must he see? "

She hugged him a little tighter, while trying not to overdo it, in fear that the "big boy" in his head, who is convinced that he can do everything by himself, would take that opportunity to make an appearance."

And guess what baby! There are people, creatures and other stuff like that in them. See! The big star up there is called the north star. It's the tip of a not so little dipper. "All the while with him giggling in her ear.

Then, just as the magic of that moment was beginning to set in, there was a sudden jolt. The boat had started energetically moving about again. She sat up and looked around. While scanning the bank of the lake, as an attempt to find out what all the commotion was about, she spotted a man standing at the edge of the lake. With the light of the moon, she could see a big wet mark on the front of his clothes, still dripping a little from a fresh splash of water.

Irritated, she yelled at him, "Why are you doing this? "

Only to see him shake his head no.

Feeling a little uneasy, she told him to leave them be. "I have my son with me. You're going to scare him!"

He seemed to fade into the shadows of the woods after that. Her little boy turned his head to her chest. She began to tell him that mommy was there and everything would be alright when she noticed that the man on the bank had returned. Only not as he left. Now he was holding a big boulder in his hands. He walked into the lake and stopped when he became knee deep.

A bit frightened and even more confused at this point, she shouted at the man, " WHY! You're scaring him!"

His face frozen in indifference, the man suddenly raised the bolder as high as he could and threw it down into the water. At first the ripple of the waves only rocked the boat a little. She thought she would take that opportunity to steady her son and grab the paddles so that she could get them away from the man. As she began to pick her son up off her lap and reach for one of the paddles the boat jolted again. Only this time with an unexpected force that the others did not have. It was enough to make her lose her balance and before she knew it, she had fallen into the water. As her head surfaced, she saw fear in her little boy's eyes. She realized that he somehow knew mommy was in trouble. He knew she was drowning.

With all her might, she tried to keep her head above water, only she couldn't remember how to swim. She had not needed to in so long that, it seemed, she simply forgot how to. Her head finally submerging, she could see that her little boy had lunged to the side of the boat screaming and crying from fear. Reaching his little hand out to her. As she faded into the darkness of that seemingly bottomless lake, she knew that the last image of her child she would take with her was soaked in pure terror. With that though, and leaving him to that dark man's devices, her life slipped away from her.

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